Sunday, November 9, 2008

The 2008 National Open Retriever Championship...

...officially began at 7:43 with the call for the first dog, #93, FC CK's Blue Velvet, owned by Marion Stroud Swingle and handled by Mark Mosher. He had a "no bird" on the flyer, which fell directly behind the gunners, and came right back only to receive another and almost identical no bird.
(Announced no bird policy requires the handler and dog to come right back after a first no bird, to wait six dogs after second and third no birds, and a fourth no bird will put any such team to the end of the line.)
Each of the next three dogs to run have handled on the short bird...and the fourth (actually fifth from the starting number) has just completed the test. That lucky team is #97, "Ralph" FC-CFC-CAFC Seasides One Too Many, owned by Sherwin Scott and handled by Ray Voigt.

The sun is directly behind the test and the forecast wind for today is ESE at 10-15 mph, although currently there is only an occcasional puff of wind.