Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just To Regroup And Test Four Description...

...As we wait, note that only one test dog has run this test prior to suspension of action. That was team Ty and Jazz.

Here are some details on this next series: The test is a land/water triple with far more land than water. The long middle gun is shot first, positioned on the left side of a piece of water with the throw from left to right and angled back down the shore and landing on the edge. This makes the true line to the bird through the water; these guns retire behind where they stand. The bird is a hen mallard.

Short and to the left and thrown left to right, a hen pheasant drops on land nearly in line with the long gun station. The gun/thrower step out from a brushed and wrapped blind for the execution of the test and then step back inside the blind to retire. This holding blind looks very natural and is located just behind a stately old oak.

Over well to the right of these birds, a flyer station throws and shoots a hen mallard to the right across a two-track road and out of the test.

I don't have official distances as of yet and hazarding strictly guesses I'll post them when I receive them.