Sunday, November 9, 2008

What A Difference A Month Makes...

......Test One at Red Bird Meadows Ranch in Montgomery, Texas

...Just over a month ago, the infamous recent hurricane slammed onto the southeast Texas coast and pushed inland. I was out here just a short week after that vicious storm, and can vouch for the fact that it wreaked havoc over a wide swathe including Montgomery. At that time, most traffic lights from Houston on up through this area were inoperable, massive commercial signage was down everywhere, and trees were bent, twisted and snapped in droves. Power lines were destroyed, and homemade posters were often seen along roadways such as "Thank you, Linemen...God Bless the Linemen." It was virtually impossible to go anywhere without seeing convoys of utility trucks around every bend.

Now, you wouldn't know that hurricane had been such a recent memory, save for the occasional warped or partially missing business sign and telltale twisted trees. Mike and Judy Kammerer's beautiful property, Red Bird Meadows, the site for this year's National, shows virtually no hint of the hurricane, a testament to the work they've done in such short weeks to prepare for this event.