Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here We Go...

...6:47 First test dog was Jim Cope and FC Watermark's Big Chief. The test has been changed from last evening and the far right-hand bird at 97 yards which was a flyer shot to the right is now a dead hen pheasant thrown right to left into the edge of a bay of trees. The left-hand bird at 92 yards on this side of the pond is now a rooster pheasant flyer shot right to left, and the long bird all the way down the pond at an angle swim is a drake mallard at 342 yards. It is thrown right to left. The order is middle, left, right and all guns retire. The line is on top of a mound...there is an honor to the left of the line on the flat below the mound and about 20 yards from the line.

Jim handled on the right-hand bird...Chief didn't ever see it. Chief picked the long drake up to the left of where it had landed with a splash as it had floated away, so the judges adjusted that bird a tad and it now lands on the embankment near the water's edge.

At 7:00 a.m., Test Dog #2 came to line, that being Wendell Williams with FC-AFC Bayou Bay's Dago; he did a nice job on the test.