Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Land Quad...

...There are four birds situated in a picturesque field of pasture grass dotted with oaks and mounds. We are facing NNE.

To the far left is a set of flyer guns that shoot a rooster cock pheasant from right to left at a distane of 140 yards out. Moving right, we come to another set of flyer guns atop a mound, also shooting a rooster from right to left down on the flat at 190 yards. Deep from these guns is another mound and partway down the right side stands a thrower/gunner station that shoots and tosses a dead hen pheasant from left to right out from the base of the mound at 390 yards. Finally, in from that station is the fourth station at 240 yards; they shoot and throw another hen pheasant also from left to right in scattered pasture cover. The order is long right middle bird, then flyer left middle bird, and then far right-hand bird, finishing with the far left flyer. Both dead hen stations retire when the dog is sent for his first bird.

The running line is on top of a mound and in the middle; the honor is at the base of the mound to its right.