Thursday, November 13, 2008

Technical Difficulties...

...I had two better photos than this one, but problems have arisen suddenly with the CF card--I think--which may take a new one to rectify the situation. I had this one already shows the test, but the left middle flyer guns have a person out in the field to the left of their station; he is picking up one of the practice flyers they've shot. Still if you look closely, you can see all four stations. The long middle right up the slot is particularly hard to see in this picture, but I hope if gives you the idea of the configuration, overall.
Actually, I just checked this photo after posting it, and the best I can tell you is to find the flyer guns on top of the mound (gun out in field to their left) and then find the guns to the far right. Draw an imaginary line in your mind up between those flyer guns and the right-hand guns and go deep and that's where the long bird is positioned.